About Us

A Letter from Linda

My company, It’s Our Nature (ION), evolved as I needed to evolve. It guided me to Mother Nature, to the local community of markets and festivals, to the world of organic agriculture and socially responsible product creation. Two years before our 20 year anniversary, in 2014, I felt my readiness to seek another path but this time I knew I could not take what ION had become with me.

I needed to find strong hands, an unwavering commitment to my vision, and a fresh outlook.

I resisted the traditional marketing of a business for sale. I felt that if I was clear and patient the right person would find me. A number of prospects expressed interest. It was a difficult fit. Not only did the new owners need to embrace blending our health with the health of our Earth, they needed the savvy and stamina to operate a mobile store. They had to acknowledge and enjoy the painstaking undertaking of continual customer education, as well as their own. And commit to a worldview of how this little company fits into the big picture of change.

My search began to feel futile. Hunter and I had already purchased land in Panama to begin the monumental experiment of creating a permaculture homestead. In order for me to shift, would I have to compost ION ? I knew I could not just step away from my 20 years of soulful work. It was a large part of the fabric of who I am.

And then Kim stopped by my booth with a few pointed questions about It’s Our Nature and my intentions. That led to a very touching email exchange and a visit to our small farm on Crooked Lake. I could feel a spark glowing in both Steve and Kim’s eager, honest inquiry. Even little Emmitt brimmed with excitement as he smelled new opportunities! My heart understood their authentic desire to grow in alignment with their beliefs. Kim and Steve’s talented partnership offered so much for ION. Here it was in my own backyard …. market friends I had known for years, who I saw every week ….. were the ones I had been waiting for. ION would be in loving hands and would continue to evolve. My dream has been realized. ION now has amazing new “Guides” rising to the challenge of making this world a bit better.