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This adorable hat is child size with 3″ brim it comes in one size 21″ or hat size 6-5/8. It is hand woven palm with a grosgrain sweatband and UPF 50+. Tula Hats were tested at the Textiles Laboratory at California Polytechnic State University and came back with glowing reviews. Our hats were tested specifically with the intention of finding out their UV transmittance rate. They scored UPF 50+ (a zero UV transmittance score!). Each piece is hand-woven and unique. Variations in color or weave are natural occurences. The color of the palm will vary. The size of the brim can also vary slightly.

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Cleaning: Many spots and stains can be removed with a hand held gum eraser. You can spot clean your hat with a brush or damp rag. If needed you can use a mild liquid soap.
Strings and Stray Palm: Over time you may see threads or pieces of palm sticking up on your hat. Feel free to cut those off. Our hats are lock stitched so they won’t unravel like other hats.
50+ UPF

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